Apartment Complex Janitorial Services

Maintenance and Cleaning Turns, Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services for your Apartment Complex

Are you tired of dealing with multiple vendors to get your apartment ready for the next move-in? Do you have to deal with schedules for all vendors and supervise them all the time to make sure that they don’t fall behind so that you don’t have to reschedule the next vendor? Do your vendors keep complaining regarding the job performed by your last vendor? Is your turnover rate to high due to the coordination, availability and scheduling of all the vendors necessary to make an apartment ready? Performance First is your one stop shop for all services required to complete your apartment turn.

We are looking to help customers like you in providing our expertise and at the same time facilitating the managing of multiple vendors as well as making more effective and efficient the complete turnover process. We specialized in repairs, maintenance, paint, cleaning and carpet cleaning, let us help us and experience freedom and peace of mind!

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We are ready to be your business partner for all of your janitorial services, facilities maintenance & building management needs!