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Professional Cleaning Services for Schools and Educational institutions

We provide professional cleaning services for all schools, Colleges, Universities and all educational institutions throughout the Bay Area. Choosing the right janitorial service provider for a school is one of the most important decisions that you can make for the students, teachers and staff.

Schools are special environments that exist for the purpose of teaching and learning. Schools are high-activity environments that need constant attention in the form of cleaning, maintenance and repair; when essential environmental management and hygiene does not occur in this environment, then teachers and student achievement suffers and the school environment works against the educational process.

One of the main causes of environmentally related illness in schools are non-existing or ineffective cleaning programs; bacteria with other humans and surfaces cause over 80% of schools related illnesses and your cleaning program will have a direct effect on student attendance, health complains and teacher retention.

At Performance First, we understand that there is a direct connection between environmental quality, comfort, health and well-being, positive attitudes and behavior, and higher levels of educational performance. The quality of the school environment shapes attitudes of students, teachers and staff; with this is mind, our goal is to offer professional cleaning services that will keep the school environment healthy; our programs, processes and services allow us to provide consistent high quality cleaning for your school and its environment!

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