Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care

Clean and shine is our specialty!

Let us see your floors and we can tell you what type of business you run. Your carpet and floor tells your customers a lot a how much you care about your business and we at Performance First building Services, Inc. are committed to make you look the best, that is why when it comes to carpet cleaning and floor care we make your business shine!

Professional carpet cleaning that will get the job done. We offer both carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services. We have the supplies, equipment and expertise to clean and protect your carpets and allow them to stay clean longer and prolong the life of your carpet.

Do you have floors that need to be clean or have simply lost their shine? We at Performance First can help you with all of your cleaning and restoration floor needs, we clean, polish, restore, seal and maintain your floors no matter what type they are, including but not limited to Marble, Granite, Slate, Travertine, Tile, Vinyl, Ceramic and Hardwood Floors. We not only clean but we will make them look like new and offer a maintenance plan to keep them shining longer!

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We are ready to be your business partner for all of your janitorial services, facilities maintenance & building management needs!